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Welcome Back!

The hectic and exciting summer is over, and it was amazing! Now it is time to settle down into a nice, calm pace, and of course prepare for some Michigan Football!


Tickets Available

Good news! Tickets are now available on the Show Page. With the exception of Benefit Night (Friday, August 11,) we are accepting donations to the Friends of the CCC Trust Fund in lieu of having set ticket prices. The Benefit Night show WILL have a ticket price of $100.


Summer 30!

We have made it through another school year, and are ready to welcome Summer Camp with open arms! We are so excited for everything this summer has to offer! This summer you can look forward to fun and creative art projects, team-building and sportsmanship-oriented sports, a fun and challenging musical theater production, and our annual community service project. Of course there is the annual week-long sleepover camp, as well as a selection of various field trips and experience days to look forward to! This 30th summer will be an absolute blast!

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