We spend a lot of time outside every day - rain, snow or shine! These are our recommendations for outdoor clothing & gear that will help keep kids warm and dry:


Look for one that is long enough to cover the bottom, has a sturdy zipper and has a good hood. REI and  Amazon  have some great options. Some have removable linings which are nice. Having one that can fit over a winter coat is ideal for when it’s wet and cold.


SmartWool socks are nice, but pricey. Bambas or other merino wool socks are nice alternatives. Avoid cotton socks! The nice thing about wool or hiking socks is that they stay put and don’t slide down as much into the boots. 



Snow suits are the best! L.L. Bean and Lands End are great brands. Same suggestions as the winter coat: sturdy and waterproof!


Buy something tough. Stick to outdoor brands if possible. Kamik and Bogs are great.


These should be big enough to get big thick socks into. We recommend boots like Bogs, Kamik Snobuster or Waterbugor Sorel. Avoid moon boot styles as they don’t hold up well.


This can be key to keeping kids warm! Merino wool options are cozy but expensive. Poly/spandex blends work well too. They wick and it helps when the kids are running around and sweating, and then move on to another activity. Bonus is they can be worn as pajamas or as regular leggings.


Bib-style pants are the best. They prevent water from creeping up the back and can be worn over winter coats on those medium temperature days. Fleece-lined pants are nice. Having an underfoot elastic band is great for keeping pants in place over the boots. There are full rain suits out there too.


Ideally it would be waterproof, but essential items are sturdy, bottom-covering, waterproof, tight zippered, and hooded. Lands End and Kamik are great brands. You can also find high-quality coats at local thrift stores.


A good pair of play-in-the-snow mittens is essential and having a thinner pair that allows for more detailed play is nice, too. Waterproof mitten covers are great for the super wet days.


Where to Shop? REI, Columbia, Hanna Andersson, L.L. Bean and Lands End are some of our favorite brands, but they can be pricey. There are other brands that are just as, or nearly as good at the big box retailers or online. High quality, name-brand gear can also be found on ebay and at local thrift stores.