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Summer 30!

Jun 9, 2023

We have made it through another school year, and are ready to welcome Summer Camp with open arms! We are so excited for everything this summer has to offer! This summer you can look forward to fun and creative art projects, team-building and sportsmanship-oriented sports, a fun and challenging musical theater production, and our annual community service project. Of course there is the annual week-long sleepover camp, as well as a selection of various field trips and experience days to look forward to! This 29th summer will be an absolute blast!

Warren Bugala and Eowyn Sutton-Bund will have the privilege of designing the art unit for the summer of 2023. The campers will spend these ten weeks engaged in a variety of crafts, colorful experiments, and group effort projects. Each camper should bring a white t-shirt for tie-dying on the first day of camp, and parents are encouraged to check the Parent Board and email regularly for any additional information. Along with the listed weekly art projects, there will be smaller activities for campers to engage in throughout the day.

The program will be spearheaded by Megan Burke with assistance from Smitty and Abby. Our motto will be that winning or losing does not matter, it’s about having fun while playing the games, and treating everybody with respect, kindness, and dignity.

The plan for sports this summer is to cover many skills, strategies, and rules involved in playing various sports and games. Throughout every game that is played there will be an emphasis on teamwork, sportsmanship, and integrity. We will cover such sports as soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, capture the flag, and ping-pong. We will also be playing some new games that are variations of more popular sports. The plan is to play at least one different game every day. The goal is to help campers build and develop skills and knowledge throughout the summer, as well as to give everybody a chance to experience a variety of sports and games. There will be a ton of good games to play, and it should be a blast!

This summer the children will perform a production of Matilda the Musical. It should be fun and exciting to produce! This show has fun parts for all kids and is full of some great songs!

The show will be directed by Gayle Martin, Abby Vermeulen, and Laurie Atwood who are looking forward to collaborating their talents for this spectacular production.

Community Service Project:
This summer our community service project is in conjunction with House N2 Home which is a non-profit that helps to provide furnishings for people in our area who are moving out of homeless shelters and into rental housing. Our mission will be to provide artwork for the children’s rooms. We will make collages of each letter of the alphabet that can be put together and framed with the names of the children moving into their new bedroom. We will also organize a drive to collect furnishings and household items that can be used to set up their new home.

Happy Summer!

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