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Remembering Blaney

Sep 4, 2023

Our performances of “The Trouble with Blaney” were a huge success. We had a magical benefit evening when many alumni and old friends came back to CCC to celebrate with us. We were delighted to see our indoor theater space filled again, and brought back our popular live stream viewing opportunities. Two of the performances have been uploaded to our Friends of the CCC YouTube page. The children did an amazing job on stage. The show, the parties every night, the memorable theater moments, and all the parents who made it all possible created a week we will all remember for a long time. The proceeds from the show, raffle, program ad space, and other donations all helped us to achieve our goal of raising over $60,000 for our Friends of the Children’s Creative Center Trust.

Head over to see show information, media, and a link to re-watch the performance!

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