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January News & Updates

Jan 4, 2021

This holiday season was different for all of us, but in some ways, it was a less hectic, more relaxed way to celebrate this year. I did miss the holiday party, singing, and celebrating with all of you. I hope we can look forward to a summer that allows us to share more time together. I hope your holiday break was filled with joy, hope, and love.

Together we made Christmas possible for four families this year. The generosity of this community was overwhelming to me. We provided gifts, toys, clothing, groceries, essentials, and opportunities for them to enjoy the season with gift cards. We had the wonderful opportunity to give the presents to each of the families, and they were so very touched and filled with the magic that this season can bring. Many families in crisis find their lives saved by the kindness and thoughtfulness of complete strangers. It renews their faith in humanity and gives them hope for the future. So many families have come back to me over the years and stated how their “Christmas Miracle” was the moment they knew they were going to be alright. I have a word all over my house this time of year that says “believe.” The power in that one word is so amazing. If we believe as a community that we can make a difference, we will. And if a family receiving a Christmas they will never forget makes them believe in miracles, we have made difference.

Take the time to remember that you made that moment and so many more happen for so many people this holiday. Four families had a Christmas they will never forget because you believed and gave from your heart. Together we move forward committed to making a difference in the community we embrace. All the families were appreciative of your generosity and caring. It is that spirit of giving and celebrating together that will have to stay in our hearts as we move ahead into the long months of winter.

We will close if the roads are too hazardous for the staff and families to travel on. Normally I rely on the Ann Arbor Public Schools to make that call, but this year I will have to rely on my own judgment and the weather forecast! I hope I make the right call! We will send out an email as soon as a decision about closing is made and leave a message on our voice mail. If possible, the decision will be made no later than 5:30am on the snow day, unless it is possible to decide the night before.

Just a reminder that we will be closed on Monday, January 18th in observance of the holiday.

We do try to go outside every day, so make sure your child has all their winter gear at CCC. They need snow pants, boots, gloves, hat, dry socks, extra pants, and underwear. It is difficult when some of the kids don’t have all the stuff to go outside. We are always scrambling to find them something to wear, and many times they don’t want to wear what we find for them. So please try to make sure all their stuff is there every day. A big bag that can hang on their hook with all their winter gear in it with their names on everything
helps too. You can only imagine the chaos that occurs as twenty snow pants are flung all over the cubby area as they come in and throw their stuff on the floor! Not to mention the frustration you experience at pick up when your three year-old boy has fluorescent pink snow pants in his bag and one boot that’s too small.

Thanks as always for all you do to make CCC a safe and happy place for all of us. Our families and our community make us who we are, and we would be nothing without you.



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