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CCC Community Spotlight

Feb 1, 2023

There are a few things coming up this month, and at the very beginning of March that have to do with the CCC community. Whether supporting the community or featuring members of the CCC staff and families, these are going to be fun things to experience!

Dave Makes Pasta is a small, fresh pasta company run by Dave and Alise Kwiatkowski, two of CCC's current parents! They sell pasta and pasta sauce at Argus Farm Stop and Zingerman's Bakehouse, at the Ypsilanti Food Co-Op, and bags of pasta at Arbor Farms. They also make pasta and sauce kits that make for easy dinners at home. The kits include pasta, sauce, and a topping, and can be ordered through Instagram.
Orders will be placed on Sunday, February 19th, and picked up at CCC on Thursday, February 23rd. Half Kits ($14) and Full Kits ($27) will be available. Payments can be made through Cash App, Venmo, or by cash or card if you pick up directly from Dave in the lab (Bellflower Restaurant Green Room in Ypsilanti. Fridays 1-4pm, Saturdays 1-3pm)
For payment information, check your physical newsletter, or ask the CCC staff. The newsletter is posted on the door to the kitchen.
CCC Community Representatives: Dave and Alise Kwiatkowski!

(February 9 - 19, 2023 Thursdays - Saturdays @ 7:30pm, Sundays @ 2:30pm)
On February 9th, Moby Dick the Musical opens at CCC at 7:30pm. All proceeds from that opening night performance will go to our Friends of Children's Creative Center Trust Fund.
CCC Community Representatives: Smitty Atwood, Jason Atwood, CCC Building!

LOVE @ THE 415
(February 14th @8pm)
Love is alive and well at the Four-One-Five…415 N. 4th Avenue, that is! Bring your sweetheart for an after-dinner KCH Valentine’s variety show featuring the talents of some of Ann Arbor’s favorite performing couples and other special guests. The program celebrates love and romance through songs in a kaleidoscope of genres offering a musical something for everyone! Patrons get to enjoy the performance with a glass of bubbly and a selection of sweets – a lovely and entertaining way to continue your romantic evening!
CCC Community Representatives: Laurie Atwood, Dana Sutton-Myers, Will Myers, Audrey Waugh, Kathy Waugh, Curt Waugh, Tyler Driskill, Emily Rogers-Driskill, Monica Swartout-Bebow

(March 3rd @ 7:30pm | March 4th @2pm and 7:30pm)
After a wonderful Gala performance at The Ark in July, the Women are back in the House and ready to turn 21! A significant birthday for cabaret series as well as people, this year’s show is a coming-of-age story for all ages, journeying through the common themes we experience in each new stage of life: new beginnings, hopes and dreams, new freedoms, a dose of reality, and new wisdom gained on the other side.
21 years of cabaret collaborations have taught these groundbreaking women to have a robust sense of humor! Unique, quirky, and inspiring, the Women will give you a show that is, in turn, witty, moving, hilarious, poignant, naughty, and straight-up laugh-out-loud FUNNY! You’ll leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart!
CCC Community Representatives: Laurie Atwood, Gayle Martin, Tyler Driskill, Kathy Waugh, Monica Swartout-Bebow, Emily Rogers-Driskill, January Provenzola.

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