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Coming Up in March 2024

Dr. Seuss' Birthday
We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Monday, March 4. Please have your child(ren) wear red that day and we will have fun making Truffula Tree Treats!

St. Patrick's Day
On Friday, March 15 we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! We will transport the children on a magical journey to find the pot of gold! There will be leprechauns and all sorts of surprises. Maybe even some green food. Don’t forget to wear green!

Beach Day!
We will have our much-anticipated Beach Day on Friday, March 22. Bring all the fun stuff that a day at the beach entails! Beach balls, sunglasses, goggles, fins, towels, etc.

This month I will be selecting the book that we will base the preschool musical around. I gather a wide variety of stories and the one the kids keep asking to have read again is the book I try to base it on. This is sometimes a tricky business as occasionally their choice of book does not always transfer well to being a stage musical.

By the end of this month, we should have the name of the book selected and you should begin hearing the kids talk about it. I will also let Broadway know so they can prepare to have their trucks ready to move us to New York to begin our Broadway tour. Some of you may want to travel with us as chaperones. I’ll let you know how many seats we have left on the bus.
Rehearsals will begin around the beginning of April. All preschool children will have an opportunity to be in the production. I typically teach all the children every song and line. I have found this process to be the best approach. Especially if all of them stop singing or talking at the same time. There is usually at least one child who will bravely go on. If someone expresses an interest in having lines of their own, I will honor that of course.

The production dates are tentatively set for May 30 and May 31 at 5:30pm. There will be a cast party and potluck reception following the Friday show.

Once we have selected the show, I will send out information on costumes and committee sign-ups for parents. Once our agent from Broadway lets us know the dates for the tour, we will ask parents for help with loading the truck.

As the weather continues to improve, we will be going outside more and more often. Quite often it is very wet outside, and the kids need to change their clothes when they come inside. Please make sure they have complete changes of clothes, including socks and shoes. This is the time of year that even though it is 50, we still have to dress them in all their outdoor gear! A super fun time to be a preschool teacher.

Coming Up in March 2024
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