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April News & Events

Spring is hopefully almost here and it will be so exciting to put away the winter gear. However spring also means lots of rain, mud, and damp days. Please make sure your child has a full change of clothes and extra shoes or boots. We go out every day if the weather permits, and many days we go out two to three times.

The preschoolers will start rehearsing for the preschool musical on April 5, which will be based on the book, "Creepy Carrots" by Aaron Reynolds. Dates are tentatively set for June 3-4. We have already started to learn some of the basic songs in group time, but we will actually start getting on our feet and learning the choreography in April.

The dates for the musical are tentatively set for Thursday, June 3rd and Friday, June 4th at 5:30 pm. As we get closer, we may need to push it back one week if we think we need more time. I will keep you updated.

I have invited two students who are interested in children's theatre to assist with the show. Kristi Carson is a graduating senior at U of M in the theatre department primarily interested in producing, writing, and managing youth theatre companies. Jaiden Kruse is a student studying choreography and is a close friend of Karl's. He will be designing the movement for the show and is passionate about children and dance. I am so excited to have them on board!

April News & Events
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