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Tickets Available

Jul 24, 2023

Good news! Tickets are now available on the Show Page. With the exception of Benefit Night (Friday, August 11,) we are accepting donations to the Friends of the CCC Trust Fund in lieu of having set ticket prices. The Benefit Night show WILL have a ticket price of $100.

As a reminder, our shows will be performed on the following dates and times.
Wednesday, August 9 @ 7pm
Thursday, August 10 @ 7pm
Friday, August 11 @ 7pm (Benefit Night!)
Saturday, August 12 @ 7pm
Sunday, August 13 @ 2pm

Click the following link to get to the show page:

Once you are there, click on the time of the corresponding date you would like to go, and it will take you to the ticket link for that day.

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